Manhattan in Ten Days

Walking and painting in vibrant New York City

Here Grows New York

The first ever animation to show NYC's urban growth from 1609 to 2020

Old Essex County Jail

An exhibit and case study about the social history of a nineteenth century jail

Newark Metamorphosis

Depicting Newark's vanishing nineteenth century architectural heritage through photography

Amiens Cathedral

Envisioning Gothic architecture digitally


19-20th Century Urban History

19-20th Century Urban History

Visualizing development with data
19th Century Prison Research

19th Century Prison Research

Social and building history of prison
Building Construction Time-lapse Sequences

Building Construction Time-lapse Sequences

Building animations in virtual reality
Myles Zhang 之远  was an undergraduate in architecture and urban studies at Columbia University and a visiting student at Oxford University. He is currently a postgraduate at Cambridge University. His art and research examine architectural and urban history, with keen interests in the engineering and social history of 19th and 20th century cities. Myles uses computer simulations, website design, interactive mapping, artwork, and writing to communicate his research.

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